Resident Testimonials

What Residents Say About Us

I love living in Kimberly Woods Apartments! I’ve been a resident here for over 14 years and it is my home. I love my apartment and have really made it my own. Rents are affordable and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. Any time anything breaks or I have any issue, it is addressed right away. The facilities and grounds are always well taken care of. You can tell they put effort into making this a great place to live. I also love the location- you are about 20 minutes from anything in the city with the central location. All in all, I highly recommend Kimberly Woods Apartments as a fantastic place to create YOUR new home in Englewood!
~ Kara Pyle


I have been a resident of Castlegate for 2 years and it is a wonderful place that I have made my home. I find all the employees to be extremely cooperative and helpful in everything they do. The maintenance staff gets things done properly and on time. I participate in the great resident activities Castlegate makes me feel like I am a part of a family. I love the new manager Adorable myself and many other residents are impressed with how she interacts with the residents. Things seem to be getting done faster and more efficiently and the residents absolutely adore Ms. Adorable Mitchell.
~ Chester Mays, Apt. #1124


I have lived at The Pines Apartments for a little over three years and still currently reside here. The manager Chris has managed throughout my duration and is still currently here. He is very professional and very respectful and polite. He has always done, and currently doing a tremendous job. I have seen many upgrades, such as new playground for the children, landscaping, also upgrades to units. He is always trying to make it a better place for us to live. Also he has a knock out staff in his office Julie and Jim also are doing a wonderful job. I think they make a wonderful team.

Maintenance also is wonderful team. They are very punctual. They maintain property grounds and apartment unit’s very good. The Pines have been a great place to live; safe environment, tenants are friendly, and all the kids play nicely together. Rent is very reasonable! They have a great elementary school where the bus pick up kids near the rental office……… R. C.


This is to let you know how good the staff at Greentree Village Apartments treats me. They are very good and do whatever you ask them to do. If anything is wrong with your home, they come and fix it. I’ve been living at Greentree for 7 years and I love it here and I am staying.


…the best move of my life.

Moving into Dahlia Square Senior community has been the best move of my life.  It is the first place that I have lived that is brand new. The community is perfect , everything is clean and fresh. ~ J. Franklin

…a place where privacy is respected.

I have lived in Yale Senior Housing since it first opened its doors in August 211.  I like living here:  it is quiet and convenient to shops, to bus and train services, and to medical facilities.  The friendly, competent management has always responded to my requests during the past three years with an attitude of helpfulness.  Interruptions for necessary services—filter changes, etc.–are kept to a minimum with prior notice. I also feel that the building is safe.  No living space is perfect, but Yale Senior Housing strives to be such a place where privacy is respected. ~ J. S. Cason

I absolutely love my home.

I have been a resident at The Pines of Pinehurst for four years. I absolutely love my home. The environment is wonderful for families with or without children. We have never had a problem on property. The grounds and pool are always very well maintained and the upkeep is none like I’ve ever witnessed.

The office ladies and maintenance team are terrific. They are friendly, know me on a first name bases and very efficient. Any repairs we may have needed have been handled very quickly.

I personally love my home and neighborhood and dread the day we decide to move!

A. Jordan

Signing my lease was a breeze

I have lived at the Pines at Pinehurst Townhomes for 2 ½ years and love living here. The ladies in the leasing office are exceptionally professional, friendly, courteous and very helpful with anything I need.  The maintenance guys are great!  If anything needs to be fixed, they take care of it within 24-48 hours if not that same day.  Signing my lease was a breeze and the ladies in the leasing office answered all of my questions and thoroughly explained my lease agreement so that I would understand everything that I was signing.

The Pines at Pinehurst is a very family friendly community with lots of holiday and summer activities for all. The grounds are well maintained as well as the pool, and the townhomes are very nice inside with plenty of space.  I have lived at other communities that just didn’t make me feel at home the way the staff does at Pines at Pinehurst.  The property is located close to shops, schools, parks and Bike trails, which was very important to me when I was looking for and making my decision on a new place to live. ~ Laura N.

We are glad we made Osito Ridge our home.

We moved in to Osito Ridge on 02/19/2013 and we love it here. The staff is really nice and helpful, maintenance requests are done quickly and all staff is bilingual and that for many of the families is a plus. We are glad we made Osito Ridge our home. ~ J. Velasques